Hello my friends !!

This week ends up with a great experience with the legendary Debora Sbei, multi- world champion of artistic roller skating!
Working with Deborah was a unique opportunity to exchange and share our experiences in sport and personal growth.


What about You? Are you used to share and exchange?
Family and friends play an important role in life of each of us, but you must learn to get out of your own PEER GROUP * and go to discover elsewhere if you want to take an effective way of change and evolution.


What people really push You to grow up and which ones are limiting you in doing so?
The SHARE and EXCHANGE are two extremely important tools of growth for your EVOLUTION in both sports and life!

Out of working in the track, Debora and I had fun to leave this interview especially for you,
we hope it will leave a smile and reflection starting point !!!


The people around us rappresent models: attending people lazy, unmotivated, unhappy, always ready to lament without proposing resolutions, well, consciously or not, we will start to fit with these models. On the contrary, attending people with special skills, positive attitudes and proactive, high standards of excellence (in any field, not just professional), it will enable us to point to such behavior. An interesting study of few years ago showed that even the income of a person represents the perfect avarage between the income of his five closest friends. It ‘really important, therefore, to carefully select the people with whom we want to join us, especially facing the objectives that we have set.


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Let the smile of the World shine on your day!



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