Have you ever wondered why there are athletes in the race “split” and other hand, even if prepared, make the half of their potential?

I really like to observe and understand these facts, and I did a lot of experience and practice on my skin! So today I want to suggest what it would be better NOT to do before a competition! 3 damaging attitudes, 3 obstacles to your victory!


Who is that no one has ever done? I do and also for a long time! But this has never resulted in a good risultato..anzi! Worry about their opponents means energize yourself! Precious energy during the competition! Yes, because in the race you all need to be well-centered in order to do your best! So the next time you realize you give energy to the opponent stopped for a moment, think and concentrate simply on your breath … A great way to regain control of situation!


By that I do not worry about getting to a race prepared mentally, that is to say: “Go as go!” I know, if you’re not used to train yourself mentally x all races I have a go as he goes! But would you rather get to a new city in which you know at least the way to go x arrive at your destination or rely entirely to chance? This is not to say that if you can not help, certainly will fit you 1, 2, 3 times … And then? On the other side I do not mean that if you are prepared to go on the road but you certainly will not miss at least a little more control on the situation, right?

If you do not remember how to prepare mentally read the article about VISUALIZATION ( = click HERE for reading = )


Tell me, are you crazy? No I’m not crazy! I have seen many athletes thinking about be the strongest in the competition we have taken at the end of a beautiful facade! Taking the situation of hand you may not express themselves the maximum capacity available to us! A bath of humility in many athletes would do well because giving x obvious thing you risk It is not of very good quality! My advice is to work, to think that there is no past and get involved with a new energy every time!

And you at what point do you feel about having to focus more?

Share your experience with the community, and if you can think of other things to DO I invite you to write them in the comments here in that they may be food for thought all x!

Let the smile of the world shine in your heart!