Visualization is a great tool! When I found out that for the first time it literally changed my life!



It is a very bad error excluding your mind from our training!! because if you train only physically you’re training to 50%.

Do you realize how much potential and you are wasting time?

This is true in sports, in the study, in your profession, in married life, in short, in every area of your life.


The brain works by habits and repetitions, and if every day you spend a bit ‘of time to “upload

the new file” you want inside of you, in approximately three weeks

you will create your new neural pathway”

“Imagination is everything.

It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” – Albert Einstein





Scientific studies show that a mental trainig works as much as the fisical one..even much more !!!


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Dr. Charles Garfield, former NASA researcher and current president of the Performance-Science Institute in Berkeley- California, explained the phenomenon of the power of the mind, publishing a stunning experiment conducted by some Soviets scientists of sport in 1980.

Participants involved in the study were athletes of highest level, at the peak of their physical conditions. Just before their participation to Olympics Games in Lake Placid, New York in 1980, these athletes were divided in four groups.

– Group 1, only physical training 100%.
– Group 2, physical training 75% – mental traning workout 25%
– Group 3, physical training 50% – mental traning workout 50%
– Group 4, physical training 25% – mental traning workout 75%

The most successful Group at the Olympics that year was the Group 4, which was coached by focusing mainly on the mental aspects.
This result was shocking for researchers!!

The athletes who have trained mentally they got the most significant improvement. With the power of the mind, the athletes were able to improve their athleticism.


Just imagine the goals that you could achieve by practicing visualization in your life!


“The very interesting point is that the brain

does not distinguish one thing imagined by a really lived one


Imagine that your performance goes in a certain way and every day try to visualize with the mind’s eyes that race… feel the emotions you would like to try, after 20 days the neural pathway is created.

According to your brain this thing has already happened, it already exists! The very moment when the reality shows up…it will be easier that the things will run as you wish automatically!


ATTENTION !!! it is necessary that the Visualization is effective and positive. You absolutely need to make sure that everything is fine, exactly as you want it to go; not only technically but also emotionally. Live your visualization entering into the right emotional state, imagine what you will experience, what you will have as feelings, imagine your face while you’re there and when you finish your performance, how the public, the jury is and react… set all the warmth and all the positivity that you want.

I remind you that you are creating your future and as well as you are able to create a positive one, if you are not careful and serious, you can risk to create a reality you do not wish.


Here is a little personal experience:

the Italian championships of 2013 there was a shift in the direct line of steps that worried me when I visualized and felt that at that moment I was growing anxiety, it was as if I had a small block and then resume. This always happened. Even knowing that when this thing is going well rewind and repeat in a better way, I had already created in my neural pathways with that feeling. During the race had gone all very well but at that point I did a little trimming. Without realizing I had coached the error.

So pay attention to everything!


The visualization is a powerful tool, and it should be used in the best way. That’s why it is important to be guided at least initially.That’s what I still keep doing! 🙂

It may have different PURPOSES:

[REPLACEMENT, MENTAL PREPARATION to victory, FOCUSING on a passage / gesture / hit to be corrected, etc...] *


[ MEDITATION ]        >>>>       Relaxation


[ VISUALIZATION ]     >>>>    Speach with the Unconscious


[ PURPOSE ] *          >>>>          Action


[ WRITING] **     >>>>>            Report


** IMPORTANT !! Remind to write on your Training Diary everything you experienced during the VISUALIZATION, and then resume the reflections for following exercises !!!


So what you waiting for? Get started now! It will take a few minutes! ……… But how to do?

I created a MEDITATION with the purpose,through a path of visualization to guide you for the replacement of a bad event negative episode that happened to you (an injury, a fall, a race gone bad ) with a positive one…all yours!

Everything with the perspective of not falling into that negativity anymore and to continuously improve your performance!



Do not be discouraged if you think that your meditation will not progress.
Learning to meditate is like a child learning to walk.
When the baby finally stands up, he seems to have learned suddenly
to those watching from the outside. Actually in order to get to that point, it took several months
of constant practice.
Similarly, when you meditate, everything is necessary and brings you closer to the final goal.
Although it seems not!

The key is a constant practice and a valid guide. The results will come.




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