Do you know that it is much more effective to write down your goals, your worries, your plans, your emotions??? Do you know why?

The mind tends to generalize and to hide how things really are, and also whenever you write down something, your eye reads what you are expressing and your thoughts fix much better in your head!

This way it will make it easier to take stock of your current situation and constantly monitoring the direction you are taking!

Get today notebook and pen … Watch the video now that I have prepared for you and put into practice this advice! You’ll see soon the results !!!


“HI my friends!! Here are  my  Training Diaries since 2009 till today!!! I am very affectioned to them because there are inside my trainings, emotions, worries…. in few words my History as Athlete!!! I strongly suggest You this tool because it is studied that it so much more effective to write dow our own targets and objectives rather than express them just in your head or speaking… So take 5 minutes everytime you finish your workout in order to write down what you have just experienced. You can make it easier doing like that; 1) put the date above the page; 2) split the page in two parts; 3) on left side put the good things, the ones you are happy to have performed in that workout. On right side write down the corrections made by your coach, the things to improve and things you are not happy about.  ; 4) try to self-rate your training giving a rate 1 to 10.  In this way I am sure you will fix better you training and, for the next training,  it will help to start where you have finished!Try this techinique for at least one month and you will see that your training will double-improve! If You wish, please write to me on ASKP@OLA section which have been your results!  If you liked this post, please share it and, if You want, leave me a comment”

You are not an athlete? You do not have to make any training?


It does not matter !!! You must have goals for your life, right?

Then start to write down in your diary how was your day, what you did right, what you want to improve yourself, what goals you want to achieve, and why not and …. give a vote!

Your “diary” will be a very powerful tool to help you to grab the helm to follow the best route suited for your life!

What are you waiting for? 2 minutes per day can make a difference !!!

Good job!


Let the smile of the world shine on your day!


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