Three Key-Points to overcome an obstacle between You and Success!


Aren’t You able to get the results you wish? You do not know where to begin to change your attitudes towards certain situations? The only way to change things is to start from yourself!

Here are some tips.

Before leaving for the journey we are taking together,I have to make a crucial question:

Are you really willing to take a journey into yourself to achieve more in your life?”

  It seems an obvious question to which it gives an obvious answer, but think carefully, it does not.
How many adversities in life frequently occur ? and we complain, thinking, ” why does it always happen to me?” The answer is simple: because you have not yet solved that particular thing and your life, once again, brings it back to you in different ways in order to give you the chance to solve it.



In past, I used to perform races pretty well but not get the high score expected and this happened always. I did not understand why, because reviewing the video I performed not so bad and then I thought, “But it’s the judges who do not like me? How is that possible? “After years so on, I started to wonder and I realized that it was not the judges’ fault but it was me who was wrong to approach to them. I used to enter into the track communicating low confidence and low self-esteem and this negative message came to the jury that rewarded athletes, maybe less skilled than me, but more confident on the track.

I understood that was my weakness. I accepted it and I started working on it trying to figure out where this insecurity could come from.
I started my training and I followed these 3 KEY points which allowed me to overcome the fears that prevented me from reaching my goals:


  1. I jumped into myself and in my past understanding that certain life situations had marked me in a negative way in my self-esteem.
  1. I totally turned to be aware of them and I started a job inside-cleaning.
  1. I replaced my  limiting beliefs with more empowering beliefs.


Even now, every time I have to face an obstacle that seems insurmountable, I use to follow these 3 points and “magically” situations always take a different aspect.

I would like to point out, however, that the first thing I did, the most important that I used to put off for years, has been to question, understand myself and to want to grow.

Abandon our own convictions and take responsibility can be frightening and can also lead to pain, but if you do not take the initiative,  the whole Universe will do that on your behalf by sending you what we call “adversities” … these are nothing but life lessons that let us to grow!


“One must still have chaos within oneself to give birth to a dancing star” Friedrich Nietzsche

Knowing yourself must therefore be the first step in order to get results. Self-research into the deep and acceptance of yourself for what you are, with the hunger to always improve yourself, is certainly the first step for success.

So put aside your initial fear and grab your life in your hands, I’m sure that inside you there is a much greater potential than you think!

When things go wrong You must start from yourself, only You do really know what it is good for you.

Don’t waste time any more, get pen and paper and start immediately to answer these questions:

  •  What is the situation always happening to me that I can’t solve nor understand why?
  •   What am I postponing for a long time?
  •   What is the obstacle to be overcome? Where does this fear come from?


Try to answer to these questions sincerely, write me in the ASKP@AOLA section, or, if you feel like, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you to takeoff in your life 🙂



Let the smile of the world shine on your day!


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