If you believe leaving beaten, you will be …..
If you feel you do not know how to dare, you won’t dare ….
If you want to win but think you do not succeed, it is almost sure that you will fail ….
If you imagine yourself losing, you’ve already lost!

 because success begins with the will of the individual; It is in his mind.

If you think you are outclassed, you’ll be!

To raise up you must aim towards the top.
Before you can win a prize, you have to be confident.
The human battles do not always facilitate who is stronger or faster.

“Sooner or later the winner man will be the one that believes he can win”

With this sentence, Napoleon Hill, who has dedicated his life to study the mental mechanisms of successful people, sums up very clearly how it should be the mindset of a winner!

There are words like FEEL, BELIEVE, THINK, IMAGINE, that make us understand how the mental preparation is fundamental to win.

It is absolutely necessary to be aware that the dominant thoughts in our mind will be reproduced directly  in external actions!

We have far more mental power than what we think! Our thoughts, if cultivated with faith and determination, slowly transmute into reality! That’s why thoughts control means having power over our future!

Do you see how important it is all this in sports achievements?

 What about you You? Are you able to control your thoughts? Or better, ar you able to control the emotions that influence the thoughts in your mind?

For example: just before a competition you come up with emotions of anxiety, stress and fear that will inevitably lead to negative thoughts. You let yourself be overwhelmed by these bad thoughts and get into a negative vicious circle… the legs begin to tremble, your mind is clouded and the lucidity completely lacks necessary to be present for the competition.
 Probably you will run a performance well below your real capacity and, above all, this will not help much self-esteem!

 Have you ever experienced such a thing?

There is a small but great mental remedy that can be summed up with this word:  SELF- SUGGESTION.

Let me explain: the “self-suggestion” is the tool by which an individual may voluntarily feed his subconscious with creative thoughts. Conversely, neglecting the self-suggestion, you may allow destructive thoughts to settle in the mind.

Cultivating the garden of your mind with positive thoughts and usually focusing toward the ultimate goal allows you to have more self – control and confidence!

  potere autosuggestione

How to do that?

Easy! Whenever you realize that you have self-destructive thoughts in my head, I suggest you these three steps:

1- Breathe! It allows you to get in touch with your body and with yourself.

2- Set you mind into the  “here” and into ” now ” and then live the present [focus this point by reading the POST on MINDFULNESS – click here]

3- Move your mental focus on positive thoughts that will recharge energy!

Trust me! Following these three points, inevitably you will calm down, your mind will turn to see clearly, your heart beats will slow down their frequency, you will look more shiny and you’ll feel stronger and more energetic!

So now you’re ready to take the reins of the situation and not to suffer it!

Try this little tricks every time some self-destructive thought settles in your mind!

I’m curious to know what you think … leave a comment below!


Let the smile of the world shine on the power of your mind!


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