Dear friends!

today I would like to introduce you to an Eastern practice, very effective to get your body full of energy in order to face the day with the best strengths:  Surya Namaskara, or theSun Salutation”, a sequence of movements of Hatha Yoga.

This “salutation” is performed by yoga practitioners in the morning, at the time of sunrise, in order to catch solar energy present at that time.
The sequence is implemented in a comprehensive manner with the help of breathing exercises, speech sounds (mantras ) , symbolic gestures (mudras ) and with particular attention to the  energy centers of the human body (chakras).

Beyond the devotional and symbolic scope  of this exercise, there is also the physical concept. In fact the practice of the sun salutation is tasked to dissolve, stretch and make the muscles flexible. It massages the internal organs and improves breathing too.

The yoga masters recommend to always perform the “Sun Salutation” in the morning to prepare the body and mind for the day!
Maybe you will see different versions but more or less the sequence is always the same!


We go now to see together what are the movements to play!

This is a complete sequence, with the right leg , reapeat it with the left one too. Do it as many times as you want to run them!

You can perform this exercise in the morning, but also during the day and it is also a great warm-up before training.
Then just put it into practice this healthy habit, every day for a few minutes … Your body and your mind will thank you !!!


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Let the energy of the Sun, precious friend of the morning, shine on your day!!




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