I recently returned from a 2-week trip to Chile and Argentina and I feel regenerated!
During this trip I met and got to know some great people who have transmitted to me incredible energy!
Athletes, coaches, friends, family, in short, I found myself living and sharing not only training but also their everyday life, food, habits and attitudes with all of them!

** That’s why I chose as a “symbol” of this experience the MATE, see the pic in this article, which is an instrument typical from Argentina with which to share and enjoy at any time of day an infusion of local herbs among which the herb named Mate, precisely, a really moisturizing and rejuvenating beverage!

Every time I come back from such intense experience,  I am increasingly aware of how important it is to really get rid of your own comfortable shell, from your own “comfort zone” and to get open to new experiences and new ideas … not necessarely that far away from us !

Personally, I live in a city quite “closed” that barely brings you up-out and, for example, my sport is practiced very little compared to other Italian regions! That’s why for years I have always been accustomed to confront very little with other athletes of skating. Perhaps, it may seem easier to come out in such a low-competitive local situation, but at all!   the lack of comparison stimulates you little, does not allow you to understand if you’re working in the right way for you … If you too are experiencing so, then you will understand how can be a difficult situation if your dream is to emerge and win in the practice of your sport!

On the contrary, every time I have experienced a situation of confrontation and exchange, I always felt grown and enriched!

That’s why I strongly believe in sharing, in comparison, in exchange and in opening to new “inputs”, in short, to having a little courage and go and see what is beyond our own noses !!!

 Do you believe it so? How important is the comparison for you? Are you willing to open yourself to the “new frontiers” or prefer “cultivate your backyard” ?!?

I asked the same question to a friend of mine, an athlete from Argentina, Cynthia Rinaldoni, with whom I have shared in the past training and competition!

I took advantage of my visit to ask her some questions about his mental attitude in training and competition …
… Discover what she says  and what are her tips to help you too !!!


P:  Cynthia, is it important for you to share the training with other athletes and coaches?

C:  Of course it is important all this! Inside and outside the track, abova all with athletes and trainers from all over the world and from other Counties, just because it helps me to get new stimulations and t grow up everytime facing the races!

P: What is your correct mental attitude to prepare and face your competitions and this beautiful sport? Which is you winning mental attitude?

C:  First thing I do in order to prepare a race is trying to live and enjoy the present of every training , trying not to focus on what can happen during that particular competition. In the meanwhile, the second aspect, I use to prepare myself for the race doing mental visualizations on that performance, in order to estimulate myself during the trainings.

P: Last little question… what’s you “cabala“?

C: Enter into the track with my left foot!!!!


Thought that we are talking about sharing and exchange, why don’t you try to share too?

Do not keep it all for you … try to share:

->  This article and this video, if you think it can be useful,  because other people can take inspiration!
– > Your experience of comparison with other athletes, coaches, etc … How did you enrich yourself ?!
– > And why not … I’m curious … what is your “cabal” !!! It may seem like a stupid argument, but it is not at all !! … I’ll talk soon, and you’ll understand why!

Post then your comments below … that’s time to share and grow together !!!


The smile of the world shine on you and … the people with whom you share and grow with!


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