This week I want to come up with an essential attitude needed to evolve as an athlete and as person: SELF-ESTEEM!

I’ll take inspiration from a phrase by Collin Turner that I have chosen as the “pill” of February for the Blog:


“The real success begins by believing in yourself”

Whenever self-esteem is low, anyone is often afraid to get into the challenge and get involved!


  • Do you ever get anxious before a race, an exam, a test?

  • Do you think that others can do better than you do?

  • Are you always or often convinced that it would be better not to risk?

If you answered “yes” to at least two questions, well, it seems your self-esteem is not at the top! at least at this period of your life!

It is essential to maintain the highest possible level of your self-esteem. Everybody should always feel comfortable, love oneself just for who we are. But sometimes we do not believe in ourselves because we get influenced by the external environment, by what we think it is the image that others have of us (in other words the fear of judgment), then going to strongly influence what we think of ourselves!

So it is our task to cultivate and cuddle this self-esteem, all the time!

I’ll tell you what happened to me a few days ago … A friend of mine invited me to fish a massage from a basket full of little papers, it was supposed to be a message that would have been helpful at this time!

Here’s what it said:

Human beings are creatures of habit, the more you practice in generating positive emotions and moods, the easier it is to slip into the habit to feel good. Whenever you can, try to train thinking like a person who has confidence in herself, feeding your mind with a positive inner voice and with images representing you at the top!! Soon, a pleasant feeling of self-esteem will grow up within you! “

What the hell! it had guessed right in! In this period of my life I have to trust more than ever in myself, I allowed the circumstances to undermine my self-esteem.

Does it happen to you too to have periods feeling like a lion and other perionds in which you seem to be the prey at the mercy of the danger?

Unfortunately the system we live in does not strengthen our self-esteem, at all!
“Be like him/her!!”, “Why do not you behave like him/her?”, they say you are not led to certain things, make you notice more often errors rather than what you do well .. and finally we get into the trap!! We start believing in what they say and we lose our true essence, so that in the end we get missed and we cannot see anymore what we really want in our life!

If you are also in this vortex  STOP THAT …. !!!!
Relax, breathe, get conscious of yourself and your body and start immediately to follow these steps!
That’s what I’m doing in these days and I’d like to share this with you:


1- put yourself in the first place: it is a matter of being selfish but it is our duty to respect our own needs first! Take your time to have a walk, a run, to read, to stay a little bit with yourself, to rest.. Even for me it’s hard but I’m imposing it to myself, and I realize that whenever I’m ok about myself and I do things making me happy, I can give more to others too.

2- give yourself something: a massage, a dress, a necklace, a something that you like and want. For example this week I gave myself a herbal tea and a cream! Whenever I drink that tea or I put that cream I remember my gift that simply symbolize the fact that I love myself! The gifts that we do to ourselves are the ones we use to most appreciate, cause basically we only know what we really need!

3- appreciates what already you have, thanks for what you are, for what you have and what you do. Instead of seeing what is wrong in your day and in your life, try to focus on the positive things! Try to find a positive side to whatever happens to you, although I imagine that sometimes it is not easy!



I give you an example of something that I just experienced:

Last week I got three tickets and I completely crashed the side of my car twice … A disaster !!!…I was taken by anxiety, I got angry with policemen, I blamed the wall I crashed against, my car, the narrow street, people parking too close but mostly I blamed myself …Here is an attitude not exactly feeding self-esteem! Repeating myself these things I simply kept attracting some more “bad luck” because my mood could only lead to those disastrous results:-(! Then finally I understood, I stopped and I wondered: why all this is happening to me? what kind of alarm bell which is ringing for me?  I have got this answer: what it was happening made me realize that the loss and waste of money corresponded to my waste of energy in my life in that period, as long as I’m doing certain things leading me to nothing .. .the message was clear: cut out the dead branches and save the energies you’re wasting for yourself and for what you really want to do!
I finally realized that in this period I had to take more care of myself, due t the fact I was not doing that, I paid the consequences, actually I got the message in big letters !!!

Just because our self-esteem is constantly undermined, we have a duty to protect it as the most precious thing we have!

I leave you with this reflection:

In 2009, during the time when I started working on myself seriously, one of my patients gave me a paper massage saying:

“La cosa se sei amico di te stesso, è che in caso di bisogno sei sempre nelle vicinanze”

[ “The advantage of being friend with yourself, is that in case of need you are always nearby.” ]

It is just like that! … the best person you can trust on, the only one who really knows you, at the end, that’s you!
Surely friends, family and people who support us are important too, but until it do not start from you the decision to change something in your life, none will ever force you!


So what you waiting for?!? Are you taking this path with me? You will see immediately your mind clearer, more energetic and you will increase your motivation!

What do you usually do to regain confidence in yourself?
I would be happy if I wrote as comment the strategies you use to get your fill of confidence and self-esteem! I gave you some suggestions but sharing can only enrich and accelerate your work and the one of everybody in the community of Paol@ttitude!

Remember that you are a unique person and that nobody in the world is as special as you! Simply because there is a single copy of you !!!!

Let the smile of the world shine on you!


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