Did you ever put heart and soul to achieve a goal and not been able to get the result you hoped?
Who is to blame???

You !!! Actually, your BELIEFS !!!

The beliefs are nothing but the rules – convictions, conscious or unconscious ones, that you have got inside and you follow for all life.
Examples of beliefs:
BELIEFS GLOBAL: “money does not make you happy”, “too much physical activity is bad”, “if you are an extrovert then you have many friends”, etc …
IDENTITY : ” I am / are not sympathetic “,” I am / are not shy, “” I am / am not good at speaking in public “, etc …
NEED : “we must study to secure a job”, “you should / should not do … .etc ..
JUDGEMENT: “easy / difficult to be or do something ….”
RULES: “to feel good you need to do so …”, “if you’re so then it means this …”, etc ..


What we believe determines much of our behaviors, which turn to lead us into actions and results.
These may be rules that you have been given by your parents, your teachers, your friends, or rules that you’ve  given yourself because of the experiences that you have lived.

For example, if ,  when child,  you were used to be told you were not skilled for running fast, singing or writing, you are still probably believing it regardless and it is likely that, if you do not change your beliefs about it, you will never get the results in those fields; on the contrary I’ll tell you more, you will do anything to prove yourself that your beliefs are true!

What we believe gives us security so, unconsciously, we tend always to confirm the idea we have of ourselves!
This happens because the unconscious just want to be right … in short, you create a self-sabotage! 🙂

Following up my PREVIOUS POST, in  this video you’ll discover  3 simple steps to detect a limiting belief and replace it with a potentiating one!



Here I take as an example a mental limit of mine that I had in the dance “quickstep” and, actually, until I changed my belief about it,  I always used to perform it bad!
But we do another example: do you are convinced that in a particular field/ pool or track you will always perform bad and you believe it because maybe you went wrong once and now you’re convinced that this place will bring bad luck … what will happen? In order to confirm what you believe, You’ll probably go wrong again!
And that works for everything!

As you can imagine my friends, the beliefs are very powerful, they have the power to create or destroy! In short, we create, often unconsciously, situations to see our beliefs accomplished!


Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” (Henry Ford)


If you are aware that your beliefs are the responsable to sabotage your results, you can replace them with beliefs that instead will help you get those results!  Learning to manage this internal mechanism is the first step to create a change with the results! Obviously it will take a bit ‘of time, but even if initially you do not even believe yourself, try to repeat the empowering belief every day and you’ll see that after a month things will begin to change!

What are you waiting for? start now!

Get a pen and paper and write the sector in which you do not get results, ask yourself why you are not getting them and identifies the rule, the belief in the form of sentence that is limiting you. Then replace it with an empowering belief and repeat it until it becomes a normal thing for you.

This work, if done with perseverance and commitment, it will take you to incredible results!

I know it’s not easy to look inside but this “examination of conscience” has to be done even before you set your goals! …. Soon you’ll understand why!

“If you want to get an EXTRA-ORDINARY result, it must become an ordinary thing for you!”


I wait your comments J

Good work!


Let the smile of the world shine on your day