Taking inspiration by the “pill of the month of May”,

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you choose to be”

R.W. Emerson



I would like to make this reflection with you:

How many times we use to blame people outside, a situation, a specific condition or the entire system
and we do not take the responsibility for who we want to become in life?

Let’s analyze the sentence under a “sporting” point of view:


“The only athlete you are destined to become is the athlete that YOU choose to be !!!


 My sporting career is studded with defeats, failures, loss of motivation … so nothing has been easy, at all !!!

One of the easiest thing to do is searching the reason of our own mistakes outside and avoid to be responsable… this may save you from pain but it will carry you nowhere for sure!

Today, I want to share with you my attitude helping me more than ever to overcome various difficulties along the way: taking responsibility of my choices and finally choose what type of athlete I wanted to become!

After my first success on world championship, the hardest work, especially from a mental point of view, was trying to reconfirm my position for the following years!!! At that time I understood I wanted to be a certain type of person and, therefore, a certain kind of athlete.

These were the main topics, my choices I absolutely wanted to develop:

1-  to bring my essence on the track, in better words, the most “divine” of myself
2- my choreography should have entered into people’s hearts and emotioned the most
3- to be serious and consistent in training in order to get ready every year for competition, bringing something innovative in my specialty!

These decisions  allowed me not to have any “B plan” !!!
Our mind better needs few clear concepts rather than many confused ones.
In order to be that kind of athlete, then, I should have made sure, at all costs,  to be aware of my choices and act accordingly!

A wise person once wrote:

“The important thing is to be conscious of your choices and responsible for your actions”

Responsibility in sport, as in life,  is crucial!
Practising an individual sport, it is supposed to be quite difficult to blame someone else outside… but it’s quite easy to blame the track,  the wheels, the people watching … am I wrong??? !!!
What happens, however, if you continue to blame the outside and do not decide which athlete YOU want to be?!? It simply happens is that you lose power over yourself !!! You lose the opportunity to question on you and consequently to grow up!

What would it happen if, on the contrary, you decided from today which kind of athlete you want to be?!?

1- your mind makes a choice, takes a decision and organized itself in order to become whoever you want to!
2- your actions will reflect your choice
3- whatever happens in your own way, it will be a source of growth to achieve the ideal of athlete you want to become!

So what you waiting for?!?

DECIDE TODAY! Get your training diary and answer this question:


You’ll see that once your sporting career is decided, you’ll feel full of energy and nothing can ever arrest you, just because your decision is stronger than any obstacle!

I am curious, let me know what you think about in the comments below!

Do not postpone !!!  Your time is now!


Let the smile of the world shine upon your decisions and let it bless them!



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