Faced with a difficulty, do you get discouraged or you tend to take it as a challenge?

Whenever you cannot succeed to do something right away, do you use to search for an excuse or you roll up your sleeves and try to find a solution?


There is a mental attitude that everyone can develop to better overcome the difficulties and get out of them successfully: it is called RESILIENCE!

Resilience is the ability to face up to traumatic events in a positive way and to reorganize one’s life positively against difficulties. It is the ability to rebuild oneself, being sensitive to positive opportunities that life brings!

Resilient people are those who, immersed in adverse circumstances and sometimes against any forecasts, manage to deal effectively with the adverities, give new impetus to their existence, and in some case reach important goals.

In sports, as in life, resilience is the inner force necessary to grow up ,  to “turn the page” and to be able to reinvent yourself, perhaps in an even better way than before!

The resilient athlete, instead of getting caught up in despair, rolls up his sleeves to get out of a situation which ad turned to be too narrow!

It is very important for an athlete to be resilient! he must take and accept the difficulties during his journey as challenges and not as bad luck ! 🙂

In my sport, figure skating, there is an example of a young athlete from Slovenia affected by cancer. Lucija has struggled with all of herself to get out of that nightmare and she has her personal battle against her illness! But there is more … the next year has returned to race more beautiful and more determined than ever on rinks ! Getting a European title and a second and a third place in the world Championship!

This experience has taught her to focus on herself and her potential as a woman.
The strenght she has got today is something insurmountable that will serve for life. Lucjia is a successful example for the world of sport and for everybody, going far beyond just sports result!

That’s why I decided to interview her and share with you all her story, in order to better understand with you what are the mental dynamics having characterized this wonderful victory !!

Watch the interview and listen to the suggestions she can give you!

The story of Lucjia is an “extreme” example of courage and resilience … and shows clearly that even the unknockable obstacles can be overcome wuth mental power and the correct attitude!
With this post I want to lift up those who are going through a difficult moment in your life as  athlete and not only.

Although now it seems  there is no way out, that the world is angry with you and in front of you you see only darkness … DON’T GIVE UP!
Trust yourself and the Universe, roll up your sleeves and try to do everything  you can do in this very moment.

I know there is a little voice inside you wispering that you can do it !! then listen to that voice, give confidence and let it come out with all its strength.

“Cominciate col fare ciò che é necessario, poi ciò che é possibile.

E, all’improvviso, vi sorprenderete a fare l’impossibile.”

“Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible.
And, suddenly, you will be surprised to do the impossible. “

That’s right, start to do what you can at the moment, with the forces you have and if you continue to have faith and perseverance, you will come to really achieve miracles.

As suggested by Lucija, remind that  life is beautiful, listen to your body and do the things that really make you heart beat !!!

Let the smile of the world shine on your resilience!!!


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