Spring is finally here and here is the phrase of the month of April I chose for you:

“A flower does not compete with the flower
close to it,  it thinks only to flourish”

You may think it is absurd for me, as an athlete,  to say such a thing!!

What if we learn to bloom only for ourselves?

Just focusing on competitors burns lot of energy for ourselves …and a good performance requires a lot of energy!

I learned this thing over the years … I realized that my expression in the race used to require a lot of concentration and energy on myself;  not thinking too much to competition and  focusing only on me and what I could give to others, it has always been a winning choice!

Athlete … Try it yourself !!

Coach or parents … try to teach it to your kids !!

Once in racing, try to get rid of the anxiety of the competition and make sure that the seeds you planted
during your trainings will flourish and deliver such a good perfume able to capture the attention of even the last person sitting and watching you!


Here’s what I decided to do for one whole day every month , I just decided to focus all my attention on myself , to break away from everyday life and make a “mental check-up” !!! I created my “Personal Day” … . and I of course named it : Paola – Day!

Watch the video and find out what it is : – ) !!!!



Let the smile of the world shine on your special day!

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