Have you ever turned off your bedside-light with that annoying feeling like you have not taken full advantage of the time at your disposal during the day which is just about to end? … with the impression that the big puzzle of the moments of your busy schedule and your daily activities could be optimized better than how you are managing now?

Lot of people, since I was a little girl, use to wonder how I am so able to do many things at the same time quickly and efficiently!

During high school my friends used to joke on me because, in order to save time, I carried my tasks books even to the bathroom!:-)))
Maybe this may sound a bit exaggerated, but if you go out from school at 13.00 and after an hour and a half early workout, you’re forced to maximize the time!

Thanks to different techniques and tools that I’m soon revealing….


= Watch this video I prepared for you (Italian Version) =


…. I nearly always managed to cure good results in sport at a competitive level together with school, scouting activities, friendships, and so ones… all this without giving up many types of training activities and recreation that are now part of my luggage … in other words … I tried not to miss anything!


For example, right now I’m on a plane to Mexico and, although I could watch a movie and distract myself facing several intense days, I’m here writing this article for you! I’m trying to use the my free time in the best way in order to avoid collecting too much work afterwards!

Paolattitude Multitask

A performing time-management is definitely one of my personal characteristics, mostly learned on the way.

That’s why I want to give you some tips that may be useful to young athletes who have to deal with sports, study, friends, family, relationships, hobbies …. many activities together!

Practicing sports, especially at a competitive level, requires spending many hours on the training ground! 24 hrs seem not to be enough sometimes and it can be really difficult to manage anything!

How to manage your time effectively then, and be efficient in what you do?

I want to give you a few tricks that I have experienced myself!

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­                           ( THIS VIDEO IS THE ITALIAN VERSION )


I confess that I was not used to such a tool just because I thought to have enough memory to handle my business … Then I was advised to try to plan my days and write down my activities in details and actually I started to wasted so much less time!
Try it ! and you will realize that you won’t forget to do certain things and above all you will find yourself more organized and orderly.



Write down the ranking of your activities of the days!

Here is an example:
1- 5 hours work or study
2- workout 3 hours
3- friends 1 hours
4- my personal activities such as eating the personal hygiene 1 hours
6- transportation 40 min
5- hobby 30 min

Writing down your business allows you to have a clear idea of the most important and essential ones and those that you can handle in different moments too.

If you think you are losing time, an effective trick to earn a bit of it is to practice “visualization” (See article). Combining physical training and mental training is a strategic tool to do a more complete job involving mind and body (try to add to you 2 hours training, half a hour of mental training!). Concerning my schedule management, this trick saved me so many times because I can actually practice it anywhere!!!
This way you can optimize the half-hour free even if your fara way from your track, field or ground!

I know it sounds quite hard for everybody … We are constantly bombarded by the temptation to get distracted!
For example, having the Social on mobile is a great opportunity but it is the perfect distraction a well!
I use the Social media as well but, be careful, it must be used smartly!
Do You love scrolling on social or watching TV? There is nothing wrong! But rather than doing it on the couch why don’t to put you on the floor and take this opportunity to do a bit of stretching?!?

In short, the main trick is to stay focused!


I know you are thinking: but take a bit of rest it dued!!!
Correct! you are right !!! I believe a resting is very important too!
What I am simply suggesting you is to find the right balance !!!
And then if you want to be a little more productive, nothing like sports can tech that, you have to get up and start to act !!!

And how do you manage your time !?
I’m curious to know if and how you schedule your activities to be able to be more efficient!
Do you use to get up earlier? DO you go to sleep later?
Are you a multitask person?
If you have some trick of yours to suggest share it in the comments … it can be a good starting point for the community of Paolattitude !!!

Let the smile of the world shine on the tolling of your time!

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