Have You ever experienced to start the new year, full of enthusiasm and good intentions, to set your new goals but then not to achieve them because, once lowered the starting good mood, you increasingly lost the vision of your goal itself ?!?

Well ‘I think that at least once it happened to everybody!

An example based on my own experience …. every year I intend to take the good habit of getting up early in the morning to go jogging but then I do it only a few days a year


An univeral example:  🙂


Why all this?

It ‘obvious! Cause MOTIVATION tends to fade with time passing!

In every activity we undertake,sport … profession … family…friends…. it can happen that the initial enthusiasm with which we started to have a fall.

This is because if you do not renew your motivation from time to time, the flame that was initially turned on will tend to fade slowly.

In addition, it can happen that that external circumstances may occur  interfering on our journey and so, if we are not more than certain and motivated, we tend to give up and abandon the good intentions that we set at the beginning of the year.

But what is this MOTIVATION? Where does it comes from? And, above all, how to keep it turned on throughout the year and to feed it all the time?

Let’s try to answer these questions together:

  1. What is it?

Motivation is the wind pushing the sails during our personal life-route!

It is that fire able to burn all the difficulties that may arise along the way and taking you straight to the goal … whatever it may cost!

A careful target-planning  is surely an  important COMPASS for orientation in life, but if the “wind” blows down…navigation turns to be hard!!!

Dreams and motivation to accomplish them are the engine of the world!

  1. Where does it come from?

Comes from our hearts, it comes from within ourselves and arises whenever we want to achieve really exciting goal for us!

  1. How do I put the crossbar of my goals higher and higher?!

Personally, in order to achieve my goals, especially in sport (but applicable to all aspects of life), I always start from this premise:

the belief that always keeps me going on, even in the darkest moments, is thinking that if we are here now is because we need to complete our personal mission in the World, made up of many small goals.

In order to do this we must necessarily evolve!

Remember! In nature, if something stops growing … dies, so if we stop growing ..we slowly die!

If we get overwhelmed by our habits, our limits, if we continue to bask in what we are now with the fear of the change … we do not ever evolve!

This is the principle leading my attitude in my sport in order to keep MOTIVATION high and continue to achieve winning results:   if you continue to be mentally attached to what we have already done and achieved, safe in results collected, it’s for sure you never go ahead!

Results are a good starting point, not a final goal if our intention is to continue to evolve, right?!?


What to do then?


What I use to do is to close every year a chapter of my story and turn the page.

So I promise myself to write on a completely blank page.

Mentally I fix this concept:  whatever I did during the past year has enriched me , for sure it definitely will be an everlasting wealth of valuable lessons, but in order to fulfill my new page I must work harder to create something even bigger.

Here is the attitude I have always been using these past years in order to increase my MOTIVATION and put the crossbar higher and higher.

Why don’t you try right now too? Are you ready to turn the page and write something even more challenging so that your results will be always the most satisfying?


Watch the video now that I have prepared for this start of the year!

And remember that the good intentions must be in the present, not in the future !!!


This technique strenghten the meaning of this New Year Coming! Mentally, iIt is in fact often associated to the act of “turning a new page”, to the action of “leaving the old things for the new ones”  !!!


I wish you a new year full of success and above all full of enthusiasm and energy to achieve what you really want!


Let the Smile of the World shine on your projects for the 2015!


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