Take the time to live the present, to observe what happens to you and around you , here is a very effective strategy to clean- up your mind.

In this POST I want to introduce a technique helping you to be always present in any external situation and unexpected emotion:



Let me explain!

How many times your mind attitude is still in the past thinking about something that, for example, you have not done or it is focused to the future  thinking about what you have to do?!?

Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
but Today is a gift

Not surprisingly, in many languages, the words  “present” = “gift”   have the same meaning!

How many times we are distracted during the day and we are not enjoying  the present! … Here and now !!! ???
How many times we do not listen to our body and we go on our way, maybe silencing it with any sort of pill?!?


The MINDFULNESS is a very useful mental technique … especially in sports!

We athletes are a bit ‘like WARRIORS who are preparing for the battle!

Our battle is a bit ‘special, is primarily a battle with ourselves..

We work hard in every detail to be ready for battle, at the right time, in the right place.

Preparation is long,  it involves the break and resting periods such as periods of intense work-out,  periods in which the mood is not at the top, periods in which certain life situations make us lose energy. It’s all very delicate and sometimes difficult…

One purpose of this BLOG is helping you to waste less energy to get to the race prepared … not tired and exhausted!


>>If  whenever you train you’re not “on air”, not focused on the present and you do not listen to your body and your feelings …You’ll produce a lot less! ..


>>If you are in the race and your mind is projected on a difficulty you face instead of focusing what you’re doing at the time, increases the probability of making mistakes!
Or if you do something wrong and we focus only on the error made without being “centered” on the present, you risk compromising the entire performance! It ‘just think later about the error elapsed, to understand it and adjust if necessary, but during a performance must be ready to turn the page immediately!

I bet you experienced such a thing lot of times!

It is a good think to reflect about the error elapsed later, in order to understand it and in case make the corrections, but during a performance you  must be ready to turn the page immediately!

During my last World Championship I made a bad mistake during a compulsory dance  but I managed not to get unfocus my concentration despite that unexpected error….the MINDFULNESS  I used in that occasion revealed its power and permitted me not to compromise emotionally my whole race!

Do you understand how important it is to stay in this ?!

The good news is that everyone can benefit from these great little secrets of our mind.It is just a matter of practising this technique!


Here are 4 important steps for starting:

1-  sometimes in the day, take a minute to listen to yourself: your breath, your heartbeat … if  one part of your body hurts .. Listen to it!

2- Enjoy the food you’re eating, feel what you’re touching, listen to the sounds around you, watch a sunset, surrounded by nature … try to awaken your five senses!

3- Look in third person at your emotions so that you can dominate them!

4- While training, tear out  your mind from your thoughts and focus it only on your body and the sensations it gives you!


Learn to take then moments when the warrior within you is able to rest,  meditates and does the plan for the next battle.

This powerful technique allows you to “clean up the brain” … Every time you get distracted..  don’t not judge yourself, just get back on the present!

Try it … take it as a game, as a challenge and you’ll see you’ll feel better and much more efficient !!!

 be mindful

Remember that you can contact me to section ASKPAOLA for any questions or advice!


Let the Smile of the World  shine on the Warrior in you !!! Now !!!!


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