Dear friends,

Merry Christmas to all of you following Paol@ttitude !!!

Have you noticed that during Christmas we all actually do feel better?

The Christmas spirit, the gift-exchange and sharing of this day, gives us joy, love and above all so much GRATITUDE … this mix of emotions makes us feel really good!

Would it be nice to extend this joy throughout the year, ain’it ?!

Today I just want to give you a simple technique to keep  your energy up every day!

Well… you have to do nothing more than:

                                                  !!! SAY THANKS !!!


The GRATITUDE is a powerful emotion able to raise our energy level.

It is proved that if,  for just 1 minute per day, you repeat your “THANKGIVING“ for the best things in life, your mental focus moves on them and not on the problems !


So you are able to face the day with a completely different attitude and, who knows, maybe those  facts you are now considering  as problems,  seen from another point of view, can turn to be

opportunities! 😉

Identify every day at least 3 things to be grateful for, and take a minute to say 60 “thanks”(1 per second) with a wide smile!

You’ll feel so much better and a new energy will help it to perform at work, for training purposes, in studies and in the relationship with other people!




1- THANKS  for the amazing job experiences I’m having!!!!
2- THANKS  to have found my precious tablet I had lost !!!!
3- THANKS  for the amazing people I am meeting in in this period !!!

What about your “THANK YOU” TOP 3 ?


Write it in the “Training Diary” and if you want to share it with everyone in the comments, so that an exchange of gratitude and positive energy!

I can only wish you a very good Christmas and that positive energy today accompany you every day of the year!


Thank You!!!