I just came back with a gold medal around my neck from the World Cup in Portimao.
Strong emotion, totally new and different from last year, perhaps the deepest and most aware.
To be reconfirmed do not mean doing just like the year before, it means doing more to meet your own high expectations and those of any others.
I wanted it with all myself, but psychologically it was harder than last year. A lot of questions in my mind: “What if last year was just luck? Will I be able to double that, in fact, to do better than last year? “
I worked hard mentally to respond positively to these questions.

My Dr. P. helped me, by powerful techniques, to put aside fear and doubt, and replace them with confidence, concentration and focus on target.
Comparing to the previous year, the fight was harder after the compulsory dances and before me there was an American athlete for 4 against 3 judges.
After the dance I was then in second place, and as the year before, I had to retrieve a location with the Free program … it was not easy to get on the track immediately after the American and try to do better and pass her.
Fortunately I never miss the grit and I hardly to let myself go when facing difficult situations, on the contrary, I unconsciously look for challenges, so I played ace on what is my strong point: the Free Dance.

This year I chose the music of Nine, a musical that pays homage to Fellini, sung and danced only by women; I made this choice to express my FEMMININITY and sensuality, to play the dance and interpretation and to pay homage to my homeland; the titles of the music I had as program were in fact “Italian Cinema” and “Be italian”.

I was nervous, I admit, but the desire to “break through” exceeded my agitation. I run a good program, especially in the second half permitting me to jump into the lead. I started jumping for joy, I strongly embraced my mother, always there with me on the track.

This showed me that the success of the year before was not an accident or a stroke of luck, actually I did really deserved that. What really matters to me is having fun and to entertain those who look at me, my sport is performance and involvement … then I think the rest comes by itself.
The biggest thrill came up during the awards ceremony, during the Italian anthem played just for me, I dropped a tear of joy, because being there on the top step of the podium, after so many sacrifices and bettings was really a priceless emotion !
I come back home with a gold medal and a bag full of emotions and satisfaction, a “thank you” to those who support me, to whom believes in me. Unfortunately it is not easy to practice this sport, especially in a city like Genoa, where we do not have even a covered plant where to train in winter. Getting on the roof of the world in these conditions is even harder!


Portimao, 2010