The Christmas season  just finished ? : “ok now on a diet!”

How many times did you hear this gingle in these days?

But what diet to follow? What is good to eat? They come out with different diets every day and there is much confusion about this topic!

Nutrition has always been a key-point for my career as an athlete and for my personal well-being . Whenever I managd to improve are the best physical perfomances in workouts!!

Let’s try to set some order through these little tips that I have gained through my studies, my collaborations with experts and my personal experiences!

These small food tips are really for everybody!!!

But do not worry, soon I’ll publish an article devoted entirely to food for sport!


Here are some foods that are harmful to our body, especially when used in large quantities:

1- DAIRY because lactose is indigestible for anyone because at a certain age you lose the enzyme lactase that is able to break down lactose. For this reason it is strongly recommended to minimize milk, cheese, yogurt and dairy products.

2- MEAT: I know this is a sensitive topic for carnivores but all studies agree that meat, especially the red one, is not exactly good for the body. The book “The China Study” compares a quantity of identical plant foods: tomatoes, beans, peas, spinach and potatoes with food of animal origin: beef, pork, chicken and whole milk. It is tested that for an equal amount of protein, there is a greater amount of cholesterol  and fat in foods of animal origin and a lesser amount of beta carotene, fiber, vitamin EC, calcium, magnesium and iron.

3- YEAST generally the yeast is in many products, and there is little to say … it swollen a lot!

4- GLUTEN AND FLOUR: more and more people are celiac. Gluten not only hurts these people but it does to anyone of us! It is nothing but a glue !!!
There are many gluten-free flours on the market now , but if you cannot do without, seek to consume products with whole grain flours!

5- CAN FOOD: canned and ready-prepared products are usually high in preservatives, definitely not suitable for our body.


Ok…but after this  “bad” list I guess you ar wondering: “Ok but then what can I eat?”

I’m not saying to give up everything in advance and especially from day to day !

I know that eating habits are difficult to change and it requires a bit ‘of time so that our minds and our bodies get used to these changes !


Never forget! Improving your own nutrition belongs to your personal growing path as person and as a sport lover!!


My advice is as follows:

1- reduce to a minimum (1/2 times a week ) the use of the products that I have listed above.

2- experience new foods and new recipes and replace the classic foods with healthier variants.

For example, instead of the classic salt.. test the sea salt or salt rose; instead of cow’s milk turn to soy milk (high in protein) or the rice one; bring to the table more vegetables (raw for lunch and  cooked up 3 different types for dinner ); try to replace regular pasta with the integral (in my opinion is the most well good!) … try to eat fruit as a snack mid-morning or afternoon and not at the end of the meal, use different types of gluten free flours! (Buckwheat flour, rice flour, corn flour, quinoa, millet, amaranth …)

3 – Remember to have breakast! ..Poor braekfast is like water in your tank!

I use HERBALIFE  products ensure full of useful substances for my body But there are so many alternatives: rice milk or soy or lactose-free yogurt with a variety of whole grains, for example, it is a great breakfast! If you are acoffee-addicted” , you do not have to renounce but try to reduce the use of caffeine 1/2 coffee a day may be enough I assure you! I can advise the Robois, an infusion of African herbs with excellent (search for them on the internet), 3 cups a day is the right amount, among other delicious too cold!

This food rules also apply to sports … of course! Soon I’ll do an article dedicated only to food for the sport!
Try following these simple tips and you’ll see that your body will thank … You’ll have more energy, less sleep, less colitis … so what we eat is our fuel … you want to be a 600 or a Ferrari?!? It’s up to you to decide !!!

As a gift I’ll leave you a delicious recipe with ingredients a bit ‘different but healthier … try it too … will be ready in 10 minutes !!!




IMG_1310        Nuova immagine


– 200 gr. Of brown rice flour
– A teaspoon of sea salt or pink salt
– Pitted black olives cut thin or thinly sliced zucchini or nuts
– A teaspoon of olive oil
– Water



In a container you put the flour, salt, oliveS or zucchini, olive oil, and add the water slowly so that you all amalgams. When you’ve got a “soft ball”, put a little drop of oil on the bottom of a baking dish, spread the cake with the thickness of a half cm! Look above you can add oregano or rosemary. Also add a little oil and water in order to get wet well all the surface of the cake so that does not remain dry!
Put in the oven at 200 degrees x 10 min.
As you can see is one unleavened cake and gluten free and I assure you that is quick to make, very light and tasty!
You can use the same dough x also a pizza base, and you can also try with other flours … Fire up your imagination!



Share your results on the comments and if you think this article may be useful to ask you to share it on the web!

The smile of the world shine on your TABLE!



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