Did you know that your self-talk affects significantly to the competitive advantage that you can create yourself over your opponents?!?

Have you ever really listened carefully to how you talk to yourself during your workouts or before a competition, or even during th competition itself? Try it seriously, because your inner language is really critical to get the result you wish.

Antony Robbins says that the results come from our actions which are directly influenced by our mood!
One of the factors influencing our mood is, indeed, the self talk.
Ether you are aware or not, within us there is a little voice speaking all the time!

You just have to be aware of this voice and what it keeps saying to you and be able to “control it” and drive it.
If for example before a competition you are used to tell yourself things like:

– “What if I could not succeed?”
– “The others are better than me!”
– ” I do not like that track or that field! “

Surely inside you anxiety, insecurity and negative thoughts will start to grow! …

In short, your mood will be very low productive and for sure it will influence our actions and the results … well ‘it’s don’t be surprised if, at the end, result will be negative!

What to do, then, in order to improve your mood and consequently your result too?!?
That’s quite simple! Try these 3 small steps:

1) Focus on the present,

2) leave the negative sentences go

3) drive your mind to a positive message.

Search a phrase effective to repeat yourself during your workouts or before a competition or even during the competition … try to create your slogan, your personal mantra to bring always with you !!

For example, my slogan is: “I can do it!”.
It’s very simple but effective!

Choose yours!

The most important thing is that it is going to motivate you and make you feel strong and self-centered!

Personally, if I do not succeed in doing something during my trainings, or if I feel doubtful and unsecure before a race … telling me “I can do it!” drives me to the right mental state and I start feeling more trustful, secure and calm .
The only thing you need to remember is to formulate your phrase positively! Do NOT say things like: “I do not want to be lazy,” but rather “I want to be active!” !

This is because our brain, working mainly by images, does not recognize the negative form!
You’ll see that it will be easier than you think, and immediately your energy will grow in your favor.
Aren’t you still convinced?!?

Try this little test:
> Trying to tell yourself for 2 minutes: “I can do it, I have all the ability to achieve my goals”!
> Now instead tries to tell yourself for 2 minutes: “I’m a failure, I do nothing but trouble”!
How did you feel after the first 2 minutes? I guess energetic, strong and full, ready to split the world!
On the contrary, what about the other two minutes? probably depressed, low energy and unmotivated.

Now you understand how the self-talk can affect on the state of mind?

In addition to the language or inner dialogue, there are 3 main elements influencing the mood:

1- beliefs (read the post on Beliefs)
2- the physiology of the body or how the postures you are taking can affect your thoughts and then your mood
3- the mental focus: that can be introduced with the famous phrase “whatever you focus on, it spreads out”!

I will deepen in detail the steps 2 and 3 in the coming articles.

Here are 3 tips to turn your self-talk more effective:
> Find your slogan, your own phrase motivating an d making you feel good!
> Write it down and fix the concept! If you feel like, please leave a comment to share your slogan with the community, to take inspiration and new ideas!
> Repeat it within you as much as necessary to fix it in your mind and go on as long as your state of mind is the right one to act the best and get the result you want!

Follow these 3 steps and start to become aware of what you’re saying to yourself!

Try to put into practice these little tips and I’m sure you’ll have a competitive advantage over your pairs! Immediately!
Keep it up, and be inspired … “Make your preparation a masterpiece!”

The smile of the world shine on your self-speech !!!

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