As you can imagine, everything I share on the blog is personally tried before in order to verify if it really works! That’s why I couldn’t wait to share and suggest you my last experience which gave me intersting results !!!
Inspired by the book of  worlds n. 1 tennis champion, Novak Djokovic, I decided to ELIMINATE THE GLUTEN FROM MY DIET for two weeks!

“Eliminating gluten supply ??? Are you celiac?!?”

These is the most common question asking me everytime! And here is my answer:

“According to blood tests, I am not celiac but that does not mean that eating gluten is a good habit for anyone!”

I absolutely wanted to try what effect this experiment could have on me thought that N. Djokovic says that he significantly improved his tennis since he eliminated gluten from his diet.
In his book “the winning point”, which I strongly recommend, he tells about his personal story and explains very well why gluten slows down our performance!

I accepted his challenge and now I propose it to you:

try, for only two weeks, to eliminate gluten from your diet and see how you feel!


But basically what exactly gluten is?


Gluten is nothing but a protein exixting in grains such as wheat, rye and barley. It is a sort of  ‘glue’ in the grain, able, for example, to turn the bread soft!

All products based on wheat contain gluten, even the integral ones!
This means that it is present in most foods we eat.
It is present,  for example, in bread, pizza, in tortillas, wraps and even in the unleavened bread. All kind of pasta made from wheat flour contain it. Baked desserts like cakes, donuts, pastries, cookies and pies. Crackers, pretzels and all snacks prepared with wheat flour. Breakfast cereals, including cornflakes, which apparently does not contain wheat but, on the contrary, do. Alcoholic beverages obtained by malt,  such as beer, contain it too!

I know you are wondering.. ” but then I won’t eat anything !!! And then a pizza, cakes and croissants … I can not give them up !!!”
Actually you’re right, I admit that they are very tempting dishes and, for lot of us, these dishes are part of our diet since ever …  but please consider as well that there are a lot of food stuffs rich in flavor and poor in gluten!

Let me give you some examples: rice, millet, buckwheat, all fruits and vegetables, meat and fish and even cheese (although I personally do not eat them!)
So try to work with your imagination and try new recipes with healthier products that maybe you had never considered before!

What did I do in those two weeks?

I gave up pasta, bread, pizza and I replaced with with corn tablets, rice flour and buckwheat, millet and amaranth!
I also enriched my diet with fruits and vegetables…  let this hot summer help you!!
The first week I quite struggled, I admit, I was about with my hand to grab a piece of pizza or just a cracker … But I must say that I got used to it quickly and I immediately started to get I was spurred to continue !

What are exactly my result after that?!?

I got deflated and I lost a bit ‘of weight, I feel much more energetic charged! In the morning I use to wake up with more ease and my mind is shining!
In these mental and physical condition I can train with more energy and feel less tired!
That’s up to you the choice … Enjoy a piece of pizza or try the opportunity to get physically and mentally better in order to improve your sport results? best, no ???

It is estimated that one in five people have some kind of intolerance to gluten, although the symptoms may be mild and show up several hours after eating, this time I want to lauch the challenge to you!


After all 15 days go fast !!! 🙂
And who knows, maybe you’ll feel better and you will have the same feeling of lightness and energy that I’ve experienced myself … Why not to accept this little challenge !?!

Join the “gluten free” team  and write your partecipation in the comment box here below!
Take it as a kind of “promise” and commitment you make with yourself … And after two weeks, share your results with the community! 🙂

I’m curious to know how it will work with you!

Obviously if you need advice I am available to support and suggest you ! Write me in the contact section and I’ll be happy to help you to complete the challenge !!!


Let the smile of the world shine on your new gluten-free energy !

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