Hello! Welcome to my blog paol@ttitude!
My name is Paola Fraschini, I am a multi-awarded athlete of artistic roller skating.
If you’re part of the world of skating probably You know me, but if you want to discover who I am, visit my website
Over the last 6 years of my career I have experienced myself on […]

Faith removes all limits! Remind it when you are going to agree with your own life the price for your goals’ achievement

How many times we would like to be a certain type of person, to reach a certain goal, to make that decision … but we use to let it be and leave things go?
Me too I feel often in this mechanism, that’s why I realized that in order to really get something or definetely decide, […]

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The Power of self-suggestion: sooner or later, the winner will be the one who believes it can win!


If you believe leaving beaten, you will be …..
If you feel you do not know how to dare, you won’t dare ….
If you want to win but think you do not succeed, it is almost sure that you will fail ….
If you imagine yourself losing, you’ve […]

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“The only athlete you are destined to become is the athlete that YOU choose to be !!!

Taking inspiration by the “pill of the month of May”,

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you choose to be”
R.W. Emerson
I would like to make this reflection with you:
How many times we use to blame people outside, a situation, a specific condition or the entire system
and we do not […]

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Need to improve your Time Management? Here are 4 little tricks for you!

Have you ever turned off your bedside-light with that annoying feeling like you have not taken full advantage of the time at your disposal during the day which is just about to end? … with the impression that the big puzzle of the moments of your busy schedule and your daily activities could be optimized […]

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Personal Day: focus a whole day for you and bloom in this Springtime!

Spring is finally here and here is the phrase of the month of April I chose for you:
“A flower does not compete with the flower
close to it,  it thinks only to flourish”
You may think it is absurd for me, as an athlete,  to say such a thing!!
What if we learn to bloom only for ourselves?
Just […]

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M-Q-T : 3 little tips to fight the fear of Judgment in sport

Few weeks ago I was teaching dance to my athletes, requesting them to give their best, to hear the music and to interpret it as they were feeling like …
After several attempts, the result was still the same! Mummies would have been more expressive!
So I questioned them:
P: “Why don’t you let yourselves go? You are […]

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Sharing and Exchange in Sport: raise the level of your trainings!

I recently returned from a 2-week trip to Chile and Argentina and I feel regenerated!
During this trip I met and got to know some great people who have transmitted to me incredible energy!
Athletes, coaches, friends, family, in short, I found myself living and sharing not only training but also their everyday life, food, habits and […]

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SELF-ESTEEM and sport – 3 simple points to regain your self-confidence!

This week I want to come up with an essential attitude needed to evolve as an athlete and as person: SELF-ESTEEM!
I’ll take inspiration from a phrase by Collin Turner that I have chosen as the “pill” of February for the Blog:
“The real success begins by believing in yourself”

Whenever self-esteem is low, anyone is often afraid […]

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RESILIENCE in Sport : the story of Lucija Mlinaric

Faced with a difficulty, do you get discouraged or you tend to take it as a challenge?
Whenever you cannot succeed to do something right away, do you use to search for an excuse or you roll up your sleeves and try to find a solution?
There is a mental attitude that everyone can develop to better […]

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