Hello! Welcome to my blog paol@ttitude!
My name is Paola Fraschini, I am a multi-awarded athlete of artistic roller skating.
If you’re part of the world of skating probably You know me, but if you want to discover who I am, visit my website
Over the last 6 years of my career I have experienced myself on […]

Here is my new experience, Novak Djokovic suggestion!

As you can imagine, everything I share on the blog is personally tried before in order to verify if it really works! That’s why I couldn’t wait to share and suggest you my last experience which gave me intersting results !!!
Inspired by the book of  worlds n. 1 tennis champion, Novak Djokovic, I decided to […]

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Personal Day: focus a whole day for you and bloom in this Springtime!

Spring is finally here and here is the phrase of the month of April I chose for you:
“A flower does not compete with the flower
close to it,  it thinks only to flourish”
You may think it is absurd for me, as an athlete,  to say such a thing!!
What if we learn to bloom only for ourselves?
Just […]

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The Christmas season  just finished ? : “ok now on a diet!”
How many times did you hear this gingle in these days?
But what diet to follow? What is good to eat? They come out with different diets every day and there is much confusion about this topic!
Nutrition has always been a key-point for my career […]

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Surya Namaskara – Energy breakfast for your body

 Dear friends!
today I would like to introduce you to an Eastern practice, very effective to get your body full of energy in order to face the day with the best strengths:  Surya Namaskara, or the “Sun Salutation”, a sequence of movements of Hatha Yoga.

This “salutation” is performed by yoga practitioners in the morning, at the […]

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Results do not come?! You are probably self-sabotaging without realizing it !! Guess who’s to blame …..

Did you ever put heart and soul to achieve a goal and not been able to get the result you hoped?
Who is to blame???
You !!! Actually, your BELIEFS !!!
The beliefs are nothing but the rules – convictions, conscious or unconscious ones, that you have got inside and you follow for all life.
Examples of beliefs: