THREE things NOT to do before a competition!

Have you ever wondered why there are athletes in the race “split” and other hand, even if prepared, make the half of their potential?
I really like to observe and understand these facts, and I did a lot of experience and practice on my skin! So today I want to suggest what it would be […]

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Hello! Welcome to my blog paol@ttitude!
My name is Paola Fraschini, I am a multi-awarded athlete of artistic roller skating.
If you’re part of the world of skating probably You know me, but if you want to discover who I am, visit my website
Over the last 6 years of my career I have experienced myself on […]

Faith removes all limits! Remind it when you are going to agree with your own life the price for your goals’ achievement

How many times we would like to be a certain type of person, to reach a certain goal, to make that decision … but we use to let it be and leave things go?
Me too I feel often in this mechanism, that’s why I realized that in order to really get something or definetely decide, […]

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The Power of self-suggestion: sooner or later, the winner will be the one who believes it can win!


If you believe leaving beaten, you will be …..
If you feel you do not know how to dare, you won’t dare ….
If you want to win but think you do not succeed, it is almost sure that you will fail ….
If you imagine yourself losing, you’ve […]

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Do you want a competitive advantage over your opponents? Mind your self-talk!!

Did you know that your self-talk affects significantly to the competitive advantage that you can create yourself over your opponents?!?
Have you ever really listened carefully to how you talk to yourself during your workouts or before a competition, or even during th competition itself? Try it seriously, because your inner language is really critical to […]

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M-Q-T : 3 little tips to fight the fear of Judgment in sport

Few weeks ago I was teaching dance to my athletes, requesting them to give their best, to hear the music and to interpret it as they were feeling like …
After several attempts, the result was still the same! Mummies would have been more expressive!
So I questioned them:
P: “Why don’t you let yourselves go? You are […]

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Sharing and Exchange in Sport: raise the level of your trainings!

I recently returned from a 2-week trip to Chile and Argentina and I feel regenerated!
During this trip I met and got to know some great people who have transmitted to me incredible energy!
Athletes, coaches, friends, family, in short, I found myself living and sharing not only training but also their everyday life, food, habits and […]

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The VISUALIZATION: an essential tool to create your ideal performance!

Visualization is a great tool! When I found out that for the first time it literally changed my life!

It is a very bad error excluding your mind from our training!! because if you train only physically you’re training to 50%.
Do you realize how much potential and you are wasting time?
This is true in sports, in […]

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Take the time to live the present, to observe what happens to you and around you , here is a very effective strategy to clean- up your mind.

In this POST I want to introduce a technique helping you to be always present in any external situation and unexpected emotion:


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MOTIVATION: here’s a hint to start the new year with the right attitude

Have You ever experienced to start the new year, full of enthusiasm and good intentions, to set your new goals but then not to achieve them because, once lowered the starting good mood, you increasingly lost the vision of your goal itself ?!?
Well ‘I think that at least once it happened to everybody!

An example based […]

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