Dear Friends!

A reader of Paol@ttitude  wrote to me through the section  ASKP@OLA and made me some interesting questions…so I decided to play this VIDEO for you:


1. – Is it normal that when I repeat myself a new empowering belief, at the beginning I do not believe it?

Of course it’s normal!It is obvious that, at the beginning, you’re not even ready to receive this .because in the deep you do not believe it !!! But you must insist until your brain will store the information … (it will take about a month)! When this belief will become an habit, you won’t be able to do without that and you will behave accordingly!

2. – Is that true that if I surround my self with positive people (I do not refer only to relatives) I’d go ahead more easily than if I was surrounded by people less positive?

Sure! The people around us are important, believe me! Especially if you have a sporting life full of sacrifices and sometimes difficulties … so people around you have to help, stimulate you and support you in achieving your goals! If around you there are no such people … Go and look for them !!!:-)

3- Do you think it is better to focus on one thing at a time, or you can do more good things at once?

I think there is not a correct answer to this question! There are people who are accustomed to work on more things at the same time and people who prefer to focus on one thing at once! But what is crucial for all is the importance of knowing the “TIME MANAGEMENT”, in order not to waste it and to make it better! … I will deal early this topic! I think that a multi-directional attitude helps opening your minds.  Personally,  I am happy to have always been able to combine my life as an athlete at a competitive level and my studies, friends and many other experiences!


 I hope I was clear to whoever had these doubts , go on to write using the section ASKP@OLA  !



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