My life and the practice of my Sport are two inseparable things. Since when I was born, I grew up in the discipline and that kind of dedication that only sport can teach, all colored by a huge passion.
I had an artistic and sport career which permitted me to reach the highest levels in qualifications and allowed me to deepen into my person the belief that the practice of Sport, in all its many facets, is the most healthy and effective way to undertake in a very successful way a path of training and personal development for everyone ; for both children and adults.

During my life as an athlete, I desired to communicate through my choreography emotions ever new, touching the deepest chords of my audience and funs … this is for me the Dance! The most authentic expression of oneself through the use of the body.
My mission therefore, is not only to drive children “from their first steps on the track up to the podium,” but it is primarily to achieve a complete physical and mental development, technical and artistic.

In particular, I wish to offer young people the opportunity to experience the sport in the best way.
I still have so many targets and dreams to realize … if you follow me, you can share them and who knows … hopefully be part of it !!!-)

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