Do you want a competitive advantage over your opponents? Mind your self-talk!!

    Did you know that your self-talk affects significantly to the competitive advantage that you can create yourself over your opponents?!?
    Have you ever really listened carefully to how you talk to yourself during your workouts or before a competition, or even during th competition itself? Try it seriously, because your inner language is really critical to […]

    April 17th, 2015|Performance preparation|0 Comments

    Personal Day: focus a whole day for you and bloom in this Springtime!

      Spring is finally here and here is the phrase of the month of April I chose for you:
      “A flower does not compete with the flower
      close to it,  it thinks only to flourish”
      You may think it is absurd for me, as an athlete,  to say such a thing!!
      What if we learn to bloom only for ourselves?
      Just […]

      April 6th, 2015|Winning attitude, Physical and mental wellness|0 Comments