SELF-ESTEEM and sport – 3 simple points to regain your self-confidence!

    This week I want to come up with an essential attitude needed to evolve as an athlete and as person: SELF-ESTEEM!
    I’ll take inspiration from a phrase by Collin Turner that I have chosen as the “pill” of February for the Blog:
    “The real success begins by believing in yourself”

    Whenever self-esteem is low, anyone is often afraid […]

    February 24th, 2015|Winning attitude|0 Comments

    RESILIENCE in Sport : the story of Lucija Mlinaric

      Faced with a difficulty, do you get discouraged or you tend to take it as a challenge?
      Whenever you cannot succeed to do something right away, do you use to search for an excuse or you roll up your sleeves and try to find a solution?
      There is a mental attitude that everyone can develop to better […]

      February 3rd, 2015|Winning attitude|0 Comments