MOTIVATION: here’s a hint to start the new year with the right attitude

    Have You ever experienced to start the new year, full of enthusiasm and good intentions, to set your new goals but then not to achieve them because, once lowered the starting good mood, you increasingly lost the vision of your goal itself ?!?
    Well ‘I think that at least once it happened to everybody!

    An example based […]

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    GRATITUDE: a simple technique to keep your level of energy up !!!

      Dear friends,

      Merry Christmas to all of you following Paol@ttitude !!!

      Have you noticed that during Christmas we all actually do feel better?

      The Christmas spirit, the gift-exchange and sharing of this day, gives us joy, love and above all so much GRATITUDE … this mix of emotions makes us feel really good!
      Would it be nice to extend […]

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      Surya Namaskara – Energy breakfast for your body

         Dear friends!
        today I would like to introduce you to an Eastern practice, very effective to get your body full of energy in order to face the day with the best strengths:  Surya Namaskara, or the “Sun Salutation”, a sequence of movements of Hatha Yoga.

        This “salutation” is performed by yoga practitioners in the morning, at the […]

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        The “training Diary” – A easy and effective way to double-improve your training performance (WATCH THE VIDEO!!)

          Do you know that it is much more effective to write down your goals, your worries, your plans, your emotions??? Do you know why?
          The mind tends to generalize and to hide how things really are, and also whenever you write down something, your eye reads what you are expressing and your thoughts fix much better […]

          December 3rd, 2014|Winning attitude, Performance preparation|3 Comments