Results do not come?! You are probably self-sabotaging without realizing it !! Guess who’s to blame …..

    Did you ever put heart and soul to achieve a goal and not been able to get the result you hoped?
    Who is to blame???
    You !!! Actually, your BELIEFS !!!
    The beliefs are nothing but the rules – convictions, conscious or unconscious ones, that you have got inside and you follow for all life.
    Examples of beliefs:
    BELIEFS […]

    The Mental Starting Point to achieve a Successful Performance

      Three Key-Points to overcome an obstacle between You and Success!
      Aren’t You able to get the results you wish? You do not know where to begin to change your attitudes towards certain situations? The only way to change things is to start from yourself!

      Here are some tips.
      Before leaving for the journey we are taking together,I have […]

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      ASKP@OLA! and Paola answers.. :-)

        Dear Friends!
        A reader of Paol@ttitude  wrote to me through the section  ASKP@OLA and made me some interesting questions…so I decided to play this VIDEO for you:

        1. – Is it normal that when I repeat myself a new empowering belief, at the beginning I do not believe it?
        Of course it’s normal!It is obvious that, at the […]

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        Winning Minds matching: pair interview – Sbei / Fraschini

          Hello my friends !!
          This week ends up with a great experience with the legendary Debora Sbei, multi- world champion of artistic roller skating!
          Working with Deborah was a unique opportunity to exchange and share our experiences in sport and personal growth.


          What about You? Are you used to share and exchange?
          Family and friends play an important role […]

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            The Universe is our best guide
            I would like to dedicate this first blog post to all of YOU MY FRIENDS!
            This is my own experience and I wish to REVEAL how my interest in Mental training and Personal Growth was born and why I decided to investigate further on that.

            THE REALIZATION OF A DREAM – 2009 […]

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            LOVE – Reus 2014 – Baroque Flamenco

              Earlier this year I was not convinced to still compete … then the perspective of a Free Dance a little “different”, highly technical, started something in, my motivation increased and I realized that the time to retire had not yet come. I started to work with commitment, dedication and “head”, as I always used to […]

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