JOY – Taipei 2013 – Can can

    I was re-watching my “Can-can” … Since July until now after winning my fifth world championship … And I am increasingly aware of how the medal is nothing but the goal, the real journey, along which you have to work hard, is preparation.
    During trainings you search for perfection which can be reached by repetitions without […]

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    PASSION – Auckland 2012 – Carmen

      A completely new race for several reasons: First, 11-hour time jet leg; we got there on Saturday afternoon, just Sunday to recover and then immediately workouts and races! Second, I had to handle this race very lonely, I was the only girl to do only my specialty. So I moments to be shared only with […]

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      FUN – Brasilia 2011 – Rio

        Brasilia in 2011 … another dream come true! That’s ‘the third World Championship I win in a row, each time is a new, unique emotion!
        “The beauty of an action does not arise from its having become a habit, but by its sensitivity, awareness, clarity of perception and accuracy of response”
        They say that reconfirm oneself is […]

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        FEMMININITY – Portimao 2010 – Nine

          I just came back with a gold medal around my neck from the World Cup in Portimao.
          Strong emotion, totally new and different from last year, perhaps the deepest and most aware.
          To be reconfirmed do not mean doing just like the year before, it means doing more to meet your own high expectations and those of […]

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          REBIRTH – 2009 Freiburg – Lord of the Dance

            In life, you must learn to pay attention to the signals that the Universe itself sends up to us: I was about to dance the music of “Lord of the dance” and surprise, the city of Freiburg, in those days, was half-covered with billboards of “Lord of the dance ” because the Irish Company would […]

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